VLC play!

How to set up VLC play!

Configure VLC for the use with VLC play!

You're only some steps away to use VLC play! on your Windows Phone.


1) Download VLC

Of course you need to have VLC installed on your computer. This is a good and free media player: www.videolan.org/vlc


2) Download our configuration utility

We recommend you to download and install our configuration tool which sets up VLC correctly and allows you to remotely start VLC or even shutdown your computer using your phone.
It's also needed if you want to see the cover art of the current title on your phone.

Download "VLC play! Server" on your computer - not on your phone!

Some antivirus tools may tell you that it contains a virus. We guarantee that the VLC play! Server doesn't contain a virus if you download it from this page.


3) Start the "VLC play! Server"

When you first start the server you need to click the button "Set VLC Settings". It will now configure VLC and update the built-in Windows Firewall to allow incoming connections to VLC.

If you can’t see the VLC play! Server it may be hidden as a tray icon next to the clock. Click it once to open it.


4) Enter the IP address on your phone

The "VLC play! Server" tells you the IP address(es) of your computer on the field in the upper left. In this case this would be "" and this is exactly the address you need to enter in VLC play! on your phone.

Sometimes a computer has more than just one IP address. The server displays them and you might need to try all of them until you find the correct one.


5) Now save the computer on your phone and tap on it to connect to it. That's all!

When your phone connects for the first time to your computer, the server asks if you want to allow the connection. Click "Yes" to allow it. Unknown connections can be refused.


6) It does not work!

If it is not working, the automatic configuration may not have worked properly. There is one last thing you need to do:
Start VLC, go to "Tools" -> "Preferences" -> check the "all" box on the bottom left corner to show all settings -> "Interface" -> "Web" and check the box "HTTP remote control interface".


7) If you still have problems...

...please don’t post a bad review, but contact us. We will help you!



If you don't want to install our tool or use a different operating system than Microsoft Windows, you can setup VLC manually:

1) Start VLC, go to "Tools" -> "Preferences" -> check the "all" box on the bottom left corner to show all settings -> "Interface" -> "Main interfaces" and check the box "Web".

2) Allow incoming connections in VLC: Open the file Installation_Path_of_VLC/lua/http/.hosts and remove all #-characters in the section "private addresses"

3) Configure your firewall to allow incoming connections in VLC on port 8080

4) Find out the IP address of your computer by opening a command prompt and entering "ipconfig" on Windows computers or "ifconfig" on Mac/Linux machines.